SEO Isn’t Magic

Internet marketing companies are notorious for making SEO sound mystifying, which allows them to get away with doing less work. In reality, a full-fledged SEO campaign isn’t magic, it takes a lot of data interpretation, and if it’s understood and interpreted analytically, it should be a science. If done effectively, SEO can be one of the best ways to lower your cost of acquisition, we just published an article in Forbes on this subject.  The truth is, SEO isn’t Magic and we’re here to debunk the myths and tell you what really matters, along with why we approach SEO the way we do.

Brand North was founded on the principle that digital marekting should be backed by data, founded in testing, and aimed at search volume. This approach has led to the highest conversion rates, which leads to increased revenue for our clients. 

So, how do we approach SEO?


Interpretting data to make SEO a Science with quanifiable results!

We approach SEO just like a science, with controlled procedures to limit variables and increase consistent results. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, so the strategies that SEO companies use must also change. 

There are over 300 factors that Google looks at when ranking a website and we address all of them.

But for the sake of not putting you to sleep, we’re going to address the “big 3”  in this article.

Content Structure For Search Engines

Content: AKA the writing, images, and videos on your website.

The way your website content is written, how it is structured, and what it talks about has a profound correlation to how Google recognizes and ranks your website.

We take a special approach to content creation. 

We don’t write content to jam keywords into a sentence. Our content is based on industry research, click through rates, competitive analysis, and combined with research on what readers actually want to learn and understand.

After we write the content, we edit it to ensure it meets our standards. We call that standard EAT (Educational, Authoritative, Trustworthy). If our content doesn’t hit that mark, we start over. We also benchmark it against content that is already ranking well on Google, so we can surpass the length and amount of graphics, illustrations, keyword density, and videos that Google finds relevant to that article and industry. 

This might seem like a lot just to publish a piece of content, but it’s backed by data and what works. Neil Patel recently published an extensive article on this. Everything must have a specific purpose that Google, and other search engines understand, along with your viewers.

Content also needs to have the correct metadata, meta titles and descriptions. Each title, description, primary keyword, and secondary keyword is reviewed by google to understand what the page is about and what it should be ranked for. Choosing your primary keyword, secondary keyword, supporting keywords in a cluster, and then defining them for each page is so important. Check out our Boca Raton SEO page for a brief explanation on SEO, or our SEO FAQ for more info on keywords. 

SEO Link Building

Another major factor is links.

In case you don’t know what a link – or backlink – is:

Backlinks are when a website references your website by providing a clickable link within their content so the reader can go to your site and view it. Google and all of the other Bings, Duck Duck Gos, and Yahoos of the world crawl every website and look at how many other websites are linking back to your website. Search engines then look at those websites to see if they are trustworthy websites themselves, how much traffic those websites receive, and if those websites are relevant to the topic of your own website.

For instance, as an SEO & growth advisory company, if we were able to publish an article on the Harvard Business Review Sales & Marketing section, it would be extremely valuable to us and would help our website look more reputable to Google’s bots. We wouldn’t want Joey the hotdog stand (excuse us if that’s a real company) to link to our website because it isn’t relevant, it doesn’t get traffic, and Google won’t really give it any credence.

I always try and explain SEO in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

Here’s a mental illustration: links are like a reference letter for a new job. If you walk into an interview with a reference letter from a CEO that went to the same college as your interviewer, you are going to have a better chance of getting the job when compared to the next guy. The same goes for the rankings of the website that links to yours! Better recommendations (links. with a high domain authority) will give your website a better chance at having great results.

Hire A Good Local SEO Company

In summary, SEO isn’t magic. We structure website pages to serve a purpose and we structure them in such a way that Google will understand what the content is about. We also spend a lot of time making sure the content serves a purpose, is insightful, and answers relevant questions. Once the structure is there, we reach out to trustworthy and relevant websites to earn you more recommendations (links). This system allows us to rank your website higher and earn you and your stakeholders more money in a scientific and repeatable fashion.

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