National Business Marketing

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Let’s face it: when you make the switch from a local brand to a national brand, things are going to change.

But hey, who doesn’t like change?

Two of the main things that must evolve are the manner in which you market and present your company to the national audience. Nationwide recognition starts with your reliable brand and service – and ends with strong marketing campaigns and business practices.

Becoming a national brand doesn’t happen by accident. It takes years of hard work, careful planning, and an innate drive. Our marketing strategies don’t happen by accident either. Our policies and campaigns are evidence-based, and the SEO practices we utilize are proven to convert. If you’re ready for more clients and national-level search results, get in touch.

National SEO

Your business is a needle in a haystack. But guess what? It could be the one that’s found – nice picture eh?

There’s a difference between ranking for local keywords and ranking for national keywords… and it’s not just the amount of money that companies spend. Appearing in the search results on a national level takes more time, more resources, and more expertise when compared to local search results. It takes a decent amount of time to establish a reputable national presence, and we’re in it for the long haul.

While we do engage in SEO best practice, we grow brands by thinking outside of ‘best practice’ modalities. A combination of thought leadership, innovative business strategy, and data-driven research sets us apart. We’ll help extend your company’s reach, increase your ROI, and build your brand. We’re doing things that people aren’t doing – to get the results our clients deserve.

Business Consulting Services

An effective national SEO campaign will hand you clients on a silver platter, so it’s important to know how to handle the influx of business.

Everything from sales scripts to KPI tracking should be accounted for, as a streamlined process is often what separates a warm lead from a cold one. We help companies manage sales pipelines, develop and implement CRM automation, and track conversions effectively.

With backgrounds in the financial and marketing industries, our team assists national brands in areas such as company growth, sales development, and customer acquisition. Often known as a fractional CMO, we offer executive-level experience and guidance without the executive-level price tag. Brand North leads companies through long-term branding and marketing projects and provides expert business advice for local and national brands alike. We help you plan for the future by excelling in the present.