What Is Internet Marketing?

If you are looking around on the web trying to figure out what is internet marketing because you’ve been told that your Boca Raton business needs it, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you cannot build a business without having a strong presence on the web, especially if you plan on having consumers find you from sites like Google and Facebook. Google averages 3.5 billion searches a day and while there’s a small percentage of that search volume going to something that’s relevant to you, it still shows the importance of being found on the world’s largest search engine. 

What is an internet marketing and do you need it for your Boca Raton business?

Facebook users are on social media sites for more than four hours a day on average. That’s more than television, radio, streaming video and email can claim. These two platforms give you a cost-effective way to reach your audience and also to be found on the web. A good internet marketing company will be able to understand the platforms where your ideal customers spend their time. They’ll also be able to help tell your story on those platforms so your brand gets engagement.

Let’s begin at the very start of the line for a new or established business, Google. If you have a small business and you want people in your area to find you, you have to get on Google. Why? Because that’s where they are going to search for the products and services you need. The search volume on other businesses represents a small fraction of the searches generated on this site every day and consumers spend more time on here to gather information than anywhere else. Even more important, they trust the platform because it gives them a variety of proven and reliable sites to choose from along with detailed information about a business like reviews and online activity. 

If you begin by looking for ways to build your online presence, you need to start with this site above all others. It will generate interest for you like no other site can and still gives you the best chance for an organic presence. But that brings up the next question, what is organic mean? Nearly every site that offers you information and a chance to buy something has paid and organic areas. Google is well known for the organic or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) side of things. Businesses can be found by thousands of consumers and establish a strong presence organically, without having to pay for monthly ads. 

Why Is Organic So Important In Internet Marketing? 

Even though you may be paying for organic results, you are not paying per click or acquisition. For example, you are ranked on page one of an important key term like “Boca Raton Air Conditioning” and your competitors have to pay to be on page one. That means you are generating as many clicks as they are each month but you are only paying a fraction of the price that they are, and your conversions are higher. 

Overall, internet marketing comes down to establishing a strong web presence and making yourself available for affordable and organic traffic. Yes, you may eventually have to pay to generate interest but the companies that succeed the best, regardless of budget, are the ones that invest in organic practices first and build from there. 

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