Ready to step out of the digital darkness? At Brand North, we create comprehensive digital marketing plans for our clients that go beyond web design and increased rankings, we offer digital integration and response management to not only help you drive more leads, but close them as well.

As a premier digital marketing agency in Boca Raton, our goal is to revolutionize the businesses that we work with and consider ourselves a partners when we are engaged.

“My company has been very impressed with their work and wish we’d have connected with Brand North 2 years ago. Our prior experience with SEO were not great. In the past few weeks the jump in our google ranking has been impressive. These guys are great and this is one of these reviews you love to write!” – Brian Cellary

Brand North created a website for our epoxy flooring company. We are now the #1 ranked website for epoxy floors not only in oklahoma city but in the entire state of oklahoma. This team is professional. Thank you for your hard work. – Jon Elkins

George and his team do a great job managing my companies websites and digital marketing campaigns. I’ve had a huge return on investment while working with them. -Jim Malcom

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Digital Marketing Boca Raton

Our Digital Marketing Services

Our Digital Marketing Agency offers a wide array of services including SEO, Web Design, CRM, Linkedin Marketing, Facebook and Instagram marketing as well as end to end sales follow up through email and text drip campaigns.

Our goal whenever we engage with a client for digital marketing is to understand the needs of the business and help with everything from customer acquisition to client retention. We aren’t here to drive clicks that don’t matter, we’re here to drive sales and make your life easier through leveraging technology. We are one of the SEO companies Boca Raton has come to rely upon.

Digital Marketing That Drives Real Results

Boca Raton CRM Company

Lead Generation and Follow Up

At Brand North, our marketing strategies drive more leads and get success. This is not your average lead generation campaign that doesn’t result in sales. We craft an approach for digital marketing and help your business where it needs it.

We research and target prospects across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Email and Phone and then we manage the leads through our state of the art CRM dashboard. We do the work so you can stick to what you are good at. We have found that just building a website and ranking it is no longer enough, we actually help you with closing the new traffic we provide.

Digital Marketing FAQ’s

Digital Marketing Is complex, let’s answer some questions for you.Is Audience Targeting Possible?Expand

We perform extensive research and create an “ideal client avatar” as a firs step in our process. Once we identify your ideal client, we go to market using several different digital marketing strategies that will be the most effective.Will Digital Marketing Help Me Maximize Opportunities?Expand A good digital marketing company won’t just generate new leads, they will help you maximize them through tracking, email and text automation.  Depending on your preference, we can hand over new leads, or nurture and follow up through email and phone. How Long Can A digital Marketing Campaign Take?Expand

Digital marketing campaigns generally take about 30 days to set up properly. Depending on the marketing channels we agree upon, leads can start coming in immediately, or within 3-6 months if we are building out a new SEO campaign. At Brand North, we only work with Clients we are 100% sure we can deliver massive ROI for.

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What Makes A Good Digital Marketing Campaign

We don’t lead clients on. Digital marketing is complex and acquiring new customers, or keeping in touch with old ones is the crux of successful business. We help to solve these problems for you and enable you to reach your full business potential. A digital marketing campaign should involve a multi-channel approach that is custom fit for your business. Usually this strategy will include multiple channels for total engagement. Customized audiences are built based on geography, demographics, lifestyle, interests, purchase history and recently used mobile apps. A few digital channels that are usually included in a comrephensive digital marketing campaign are SEO, desktop, mobile device, and social media feed, adwords, facebook and many more based on data and responsiveness to those channels.

we’ are able to execute a full multi-channel digital marketing approach because we have assembled and expert team made up of individuals that have already experienced extreme success. We are practitioners of this art form. Everyone on our team has actually worked for or owned companies in the past so we understand your brand and help to elevate your integrity.

Email And Text Drip Campaigns

Text Message and email Drip Campaigns are more important than ever. Consumers are staying at home and interacting with Brands from a distance. It’s important For You To Have a way to get in touch with them.

What exactly is a drip campaign? Normal email or text campaigns are done manually. We set up campaigns that are automated based on how your customer engages with you. This can be done on everything from your website, your appointment scheduler and even your linkedin or facebook. Drip campaigns are perfect for welcoming new customers or nurturing old customers.

Drip Text Message Campaigns

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Our Digital Local Digital Marketing Strategy

Being located in Boca Raton Florida, we’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple different local businesses. From Contractors, to major distributors and even local restaurants, we get business. We’re in the business of helping local Boca Business owners Grow. To this end, we joined the local chamber of commerce and we are also regularly quoted in Forbes, Databox, Thrive global and other national publications as a trusted and expert source of digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing trends have been ever increasing. These are some of the top headlines in digital marketing trends this year:

  • Conversational Marketing
  • Chatbots
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Personalization

If you want to stand out in 2020, taking a personal approach to your brand and marketing strategy is necessary. There is so much noise today that if you don’t have a brand that easily speaks with your consumers, you can get lost. Brand North can help you join the conversation today.

Boca Raton Digital Marketing Trends