Our Services

If you’re not on page one of Google when potential customers are searching for your business, you may as well not exist.

That may seem a little harsh, but that’s why we’re here. Plus, we really wanted to use this really funny image.

Here’s the deal, we’re EXPERTS in SEO, web development, digital advertising, customer acquisition, and business.

Brand North offers a number of growth strategies and services to help take your business to the TRUE NORTH.



We don't mean to brag but....we DEFINITELY did that.

SEO: If content is King, then SEO is Queen. If your customers can’t find you online, the rest of these services become a moot point. We make sure that your customers know who you are, perceive you as the “best answer”, and that you rank on page 1.

AdWords: Stop wasting money in AdWords and let us take over. We’ll optimize your pay-per-click advertising to make sure that you get a healthy return on investment. We’ll target the right demographics to have customers knocking on your door.

Facebook Ads: You didn’t start a business just to spend all day posting pictures on social media; yet, that sort of presence is necessary if you want to launch and grow certain types of businesses. You don’t need to live with hashtags hanging over your head.

Lead Generation: If you have a business, one thing is a must: customers! Our lead generation services utilize evidence-based techniques to get clients knocking on your virtual door. We know how to convert window shoppers into your ideal buyer.

Content: Search Engines utilize it. Customers love it. Your website needs it. Premier, quality content can help make you an authority in your industry. If you can become the go-to answer for questions searched on Google, consider our job done.

CRM Development and Implementation: We believe that the creation and implementation of a successful CRM empowers customers and employees alike; our customer relationship management targets unique needs in your industry.

Data Analytics: We’ll watch your ranks rise together. We use multiple platforms to help track, analyze, and determine which sales avenues you should be prioritizing. We use data to form custom sales strategies that target your desired customer base and industry niche.

Key Performance Indicators: We’ll evaluate and determine what KPIs your business should be shooting for. Then, we’ll help you reach those KPIs. Whether you want an increase in customer acquisition or a decrease in AdWords spending, we’re here to help.

Sales Scripts: Are your sales scripts effective? If your sales agents sound like they are reading off the back of a vitamin bottle, hire our professional writers to write a script that’ll hook your customers within the first 10 seconds.

Call Tracking: By using our call tracking software, you’ll be able to see precisely how many calls are being generated by our services. This data is an easy way to show our clients just how effective our marketing strategies are.



This image is cheesy, but it speaks to you doesn't it? We took it upon ourselves to state the obvious. You're welcome!






I mean, come on, how could we not use our own brand to prove our point? You're here, aren't you?

Web Development: We develop high-end, user-friendly websites that our clients love. We continue to change our strategy as quickly as Google changes their algorithms – this means that we consistently place an emphasis on user experience.

GMB Management: Become the #1 Google listing for your online presence. This means that you’ll be the #1 service listed for your particular industry when someone searches for your service locally. This means more leads, more business, and more money.

Directory Management: Brand North will make sure that you are on every local online business directory possible. Not only does this increase your visibility and credibility online, it will also help your website climb the search rankings.

Social Media Directory: Social media is here to stay… and it’s one of the best ways to build trust with your customers. We’ll make sure that your company has an account on all of the major social media platforms and that you are well-represented online.

Graphic Design: You know what goes well with a beautifully designed website? Creative, elegant, and effective branding. From company logos and infographics to gorgeous, high-resolution design, our team can turn your website into an art gallery.

Copywriting: We know that people don’t appreciate good writing until they read bad writing. Don’t let your website be one of those bad examples. Our team of professional copywriters and content writers will effectively tell the story of your brand.