Palm Beach Premier Remodeling came to us wanting to get more traffic. They didn’t just want traffic though, they wanted targetted leads that resulted in high end custom kitchen remodeling. We built them a brand new custom website that reflected their brand. We went into content creation sprints, picture, video, link building and full on google my business promotion. Their Business went from 0 to 100. We’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Local SEO Domination in 4 Months!

Our client was so happy with the results that we brought him, he was able to start turning down business and literally start selling leads to other contractors. Hear it from him.

We were able to increase lead generation through SEO

This resulted in a net increase of 5 leads a month to over 150 very qualified leads for kitchen remodeling 100% from Organic SEO.

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We worked very closely with this client and continue to help them increase their month-over-month results. If you are a construction company, roofing company or in-home services and are looking to increase your lead volume and presence through SEO, we can help.