What Are The Most Important Things For Local SEO?

Did you just Google what are the most important things to improve your local SEO? Why is it so important to improve your search engine optimization efforts for your small business whether you are in Boca Raton, Miami or somewhere else? Could it be that you are tired of paying tens of dollars for a single click, only to then lose the user to another competitor who offers the same services at a lower price? Could it be that you are trying to run paid campaigns through other channels but you know that the moment you turn it off you will not see any traffic to your site because you do not have rankings? 

The fact is that SEO is about more than just being ranked on page one of search engines like Google. A strong search engine optimization campaign offers several additional benefits including protecting your online reputation, being found among top competitors in your field, expanding your territory without expanding your budget and also finding cost-effective ways to drive in traffic that converts higher than paid campaigns usually do. 

So, if this service is so wonderful then why do so many small businesses ignore local SEO and go for other marketing services? For starters, the real search engine optimization takes time to generate results. It cannot be done overnight, and you have to follow very simple but important rules. 

Keyword Selection 

This is where people generally miss the boat in terms of search marketing. The obvious keywords like “plumber” or “dentist” will typically be very difficult to get to page one on. Also, keywords like “affordable plumbing specialist” or “dentists who specialize in cleanings” may be easy to get ranked on quickly, but they do not have search volume. You need to find that happy medium of strong keywords with good traffic. 


If you are not prepared to write, then you are not prepared to see results. Local SEO requires real content and if you do not have a good copywriter you are going to struggle to see those results. You need on-page content, articles, blogs, press releases and more. 

Link Building 

Press releases are a great example of link building, an effort that shows Google that other sites are talking about your business and are using keywords that you are trying to get ranked on. The better the quality of the site, the higher you will get ranked. 

Sticking With It 

Again, this is not a short-term game and if you want to see results you need to stick with it. Think of this like investing in stocks. Some people want the quick return while others understand that the longer, they wait, the more their investment will pay off for them. 

Whenever you want to know what are some of the most important things to improve your local SEO efforts, just take a look at what you are doing on your site and ask yourself if there is a way to add more content and get your site out there on the web a bit more. This is what you need to not only get ranked in Boca Raton, but any city around the country. 

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